Friday, April 14, 2023

Almodovar western short film, starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, to premiere at Cannes

Strange Way of Life, a western short film directed by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, will premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, alongside Spanish actors including Manu Rios and Sara Salamo.

After twenty-five years Silva (Pascal) rides a horse across the desert to visit his friend Sheriff Jake (Hawke). They celebrate the meeting, but the next morning Jake tells him that reason for his trip is not to go down the memory lane of their friendship.

The Last of Us star, Pascal, spoke about working with Almodovar: “He absolutely opened up an entire world of storytelling, colour, culture, rebellion, and sexuality that was just absolutely intoxicating, dangerous, hilarious, heartbreaking, and encompassing the whole spectrum, but with such a signature style.”

Almodovar has described Strange Way of Life as his answer to Brokeback Mountain. “The relation between these two guys was animalistic. It was a physical relationship. The punch of the movie comes when they have to separate, and Heath Ledger discovers that he can’t think about leaving," he said. 

About his movie, Almodovar declared: "It’s about masculinity in a deep sense because the Western is a male genre. One of them travels through the desert to find the other. There will be a showdown between them, but really the story is very intimate.”

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