Sunday, April 9, 2023

Brazil re-establishes the National Council of LGBTQ rights

The Brazilian Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship has re-established the National Council of LGBTQ Rights,  which had been extinguished four years ago by the previous government of Bolsonaro.

The Council will be composed of 19 ministries and 19 civil society organizations and all will act voluntarily, without any type of remuneration, a body of advisors charged with proposing policies and supporting campaigns aimed towards support for the LGBTQ community in Brazil.

The main objectives of this body in Brazil will be to collaborate in the elaboration of public policies for this community, propose ways of evaluating actions aimed at LGBTQ people, monitor legislative proposals on the matter and promote studies, debates and investigations on the subject of rights and inclusion of LGBTQ people, between others.

Thanks president Lula!!!

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