Friday, September 8, 2023

California declares August Transgender History Month

The California Assembly voted to recognize August as Transgender History Month, making it the first American state to do so. California will first observe the August designation in 2024. 

The recognition of Transgender History Month is meant to “create a culture led by research, education, and scholarly recognition of the contributions of transgender Californians,” according to the text of the resolution, which was sponsored by Democratic state Rep. Matt Haney.

"Let’s tell the truth about transgender people’s lives, and let’s lift up the history of the transgender Californians who left their mark on our great state," the lawmaker added.

The month of August was chosen to commemorate Compton’s Cafeteria Riots of 1966, according to the resolution. The 1966 events culminated in a violent transgender-led riot against the cafeteria workers and the police, based on alleged harassment and mistreatment. The city outlawed cross-dressing until 1974, but the Tenderloin District, where the riot took place, was later legally designated as the world’s first transgender cultural district. 

The Californian declaration of August as Transgender History Month follows a tumultuous year for LGBTQ individuals, with Republican-led states passing a litany of restrictions of gender-related treatments for minors and transgender participation in sports. 

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