Sunday, February 5, 2023

Indian couples begin legal battle for same-sex marragie


Utkarsh Saxena and Ananya Kotia are a gay couple in India for over 15 years. In 2008, same-sex relationships were yet to gain a degree of acceptance in deeply conservative India, with many gay couples facing stigma and isolation. 

Over the years, as Indian society became more accepting of same-sex relationship and much of the country’s LGBTQ community began celebrating their sexuality openly, the couple decided to make their relationship known to their friends and family. Most of them were accepting.

Now, they have set out for a bigger challenge and filed a petition to India’s Supreme Court that seeks the legalization of same-sex marriage. Three other gay couples have filed similar petitions that will be heard by the country’s top court in March.

If legalized, India would become the second economy in Asia after Taiwan to recognize same-sex marriage, a significant right for the country’s LGBTQ community more than four years after the top court decriminalized gay sex

It's time India!!!

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