Monday, February 5, 2024

Justin Trudeau says Alberta policies are the ‘most anti-LGBT in the country’


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Alberta’s new proposals on the treatment of transgender youth are the “most anti-LGBT of anywhere in the country.”  

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith  announced earlier this week her plans to change rules for transgender children in Alberta. She said the fall sitting of the legislature would bring a ban on gender reassignment surgery for those 17 and under. And there would be no puberty blockers or hormone therapies for the purposes of such surgery for anyone 15 and under, unless they’ve already begun such procedures.

Smith said the changes are to protect children from the consequences of choices they may later regret. It’s also to preserve the role of parents in the lives.

Some parents of transgender children say the Alberta government's policy changes affecting transgender and non-binary youth will interfere with the medical treatment their children need.

And The Alberta Medical Association's pediatric section says there are benefits for patients to start puberty blockers as soon as they show signs as it will make future surgeries less invasive. Bottom surgery is always performed on patients 18 and older. 

Besides, the province would clamp down on transgender female athletes competing in women’s and girls’ sports.

Trudeau had a different assessment. “Danielle Smith has now moved forward with the most anti-LGBT policies of anywhere in the country,” he said. 

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