Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Polish TV host issues apology over state media’s anti-LGBTQ broadcasts after 8 years of right-wing government

A host on Polish state television has apologised on air for homophobic propaganda aired by state media.

During the eight years of rule by the national conservative Law and Justice party, state media promoted the party’s line that LGBTQ people were threats to Polish families.

Poland’s right-wing government became increasingly anti-LGBTQ and same-sex couples or LGBTQ activists were not allowed to be shown on the TV stations.

Last October 2023, the majority of voters in Poland’s general election supported opposition parties that promised to reverse democratic backsliding and repair the nation’s relationship with allies, including the European Union and Ukraine.

The approach has changed under a new centrist government led by Donald Tusk, elected by Poland's Parliament in December 2023, who moved quickly to eject the Law and Justice supporters from positions of power over state media.

Two LGBTQ activists were invited on air when the state TVP host Wojciech Szeląg apologised to them for the rhetoric directed at their community. Bravo!!!

Watch the historic moment below:

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