Thursday, February 9, 2023

LGBTQ activists have staged a defiant protest in Afghanistan

At a private residence in the country’s capital Kabul, around a dozen Afghan people from the Behesht Collective, an LGBTQ group, congregated to show the world that their lives are still in jeopardy.

Since the Taliban seized power in August 2021, reports have circulated of LGBTQ people being beaten, raped and even murdered in Afghanistan. 

It’s a dire situation, but finding a route to safety isn’t always easy – numerous western governments have introduced policies making it harder for people to claim asylum in recent years, meaning many can’t access the support they need.

Immediately after the protest in Kabul, activists involved fled to a neighbouring country to protect themselves from the Taliban, but there’s still a long path to safety.

The country they’re now residing in is also a Muslim country where same-sex sexual relations are criminalised.

A report showed the desperate situation of LGBTQ people in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Read the report here

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