Monday, September 20, 2021

LGBT people are terrified at being hunted down by the Taliban in Afghanistan


Afghanistan's LGBT community members have urged human rights advocates across the globe to help them as they are terrified at being hunted down by the Taliban, who have taken control of the country.

Homosexuality has been technically illegal in Afghanistan for years, but had not been prosecuted since the U.S. and its NATO allies drove the Taliban from power in 2001.

For now, no official statement from Taliban has been made regarding enforcement of strict religious laws against Afghanistan's LGBT citizens. But the true is LGBT people cannot go out because they are just scared for their lives and all of them are closeted at home amid the Taliban takeover. 

Under the terror group’s brutal interpretation of Sharia law, gay sex carries a death sentence. Its previous regime, 1996-2001, they killed at least a dozen homosexual men by crushing them to death under stone walls toppled by tanks or bulldozers. 

In July 2021, a judge from the radical Islamist group vowed to sentence gay men again to death by stoning or by being crushed by a nine-foot wall.

To be gay in Afghanistan is a death sentence now

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