Sunday, February 19, 2023

New President Biden executive order focuses on transgender equity

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to continue the advancement of racial equity and uplift underserved communities, to pursue equity across the board to include Black, LGBTQ, and particularly transgender Americans.

This executive order makes clear that the agencies' work to ensure equity for LGBTQ Americans is part of their broader mandate. This is about racial equity, but it is about equity more broadly as well, and that includes for LGBTQ people.

This executive order is essential and timely when Republican politicians block equity in education, reproductive health, and gender-affirming care while simultaneously fueling hate-inspired violence.

President Biden is the most pro-LGBTQ president in history. He speaks directly to the trans kids and their families, who are being targeted by Republican lawmakers and legislatures in states across the country. 

During his State of the Union speech, President Biden called for the passage of the Equality Act as a way to protect LGBTQ rights. During Pride last June, President Biden also signed a historic executive order which tasked agencies to act against so-called conversion therapy.

President Joe Biden is a great LGBTQ's ally

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