Thursday, May 25, 2023

Strong condemn to anti-LGBTQ books protests outside libraries in Dublin

In Dublin, some people are campaigning to make public libraries remove books they claim make sexually explicit material available to minors, or even contain child pornography. The books in question are often ones aimed at children and teens and that have content related to sexual education and/or LGBTQ and gender identity issues.

Protests were first reported at the start of April and saw groups of people targeting Dublin City Libraries. This included a physical demonstration outside the Swords library where protesters sent in a delegation demanding the removal of a number of LGBTQ publications.

Although protesters sought the removal LGBTQ books from Dublin libraries, this has not happened. City Libraries management have confirmed that no publications were removed from their shelves.

Dublin City Councillors condemned that action. A motion passed at Dublin City Council's Arts, Culture, Leisure and Recreation SPC reading: "This SPC deplores the actions of groups who have targeted Dublin City Libraries and have sought to put pressure on staff and the library service generally not to stock books which do not meet these groups’ approval. We reject such attempts at censorship and we extend our full support to library staff and Dublin City Libraries in its policy of inclusiveness and diversity in its range of books and other media."

The banning of books, particularly those with a LGBTQ character or theme, has also become a huge issue in the United States. A record-breaking amount of requests to remove books from shelves in the United States were made. President Biden recently criticized Republican politicians efforts to ban LGBTQ books.

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