Monday, May 22, 2023

Florida's anti-LGBTQ laws are forcing Pride events to cancel


Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis has signed several wide-ranging anti-LGBTQ bills causing Pride events to cancel, fearing they may break the law.

The “Don’t Say Gay” law, which previously barred public school classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity through third grade, was expanded to cover eighth grade under the new law.

The bills include new laws that:
  • Ban children from undergoing transgender medical treatments.
  • Ban children from going to drag shows.
  • Restrict pronoun use in classrooms.
  • Ban trans people from single-sex spaces that don't match their 'biological sex'

Pride has always had drag and gender-diverse people at the core of its movement. These new laws have made Tampa Bay Pride feel they have no choice but to cancel their event in fear of breaking the law, which bans young people from attending drag shows.

“The political climate is changing so fast with DeSantis thinking he wants to be King and ruler of the U.S.,” said Tampa Pride President Carrie West. “People, this guy is a scary joke.”

It's the second event in the state to cancel. Port St. Lucie, north of West Palm Beach, cancelled its Pride parade ahead of the laws being enacted this week.

Enough is enough, DeSantis!!!

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