Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Taiwan allows adoption for same-sex couples

Taiwan's Legislature passed legal amendments to allow same-sex married couples to jointly adopt children that neither spouse is related to. Remember the Legislature officially legalized same-sex marriage in Taiwan on May, 2019

Since its enactment, however, many LGBTQ advocates have sought to amend Article 20 of the law, which states that in cases where one party to the same sex union adopts the genetic child of the other party," the provisions concerning adoption in the Civil Code shall apply. In practice, this wording has excluded those in same-sex marriages from adopting children who are not biological relations of theirs.

Lawmakers from all four parties in the Legislature put forward proposals to amend the article, and after holding inter-party negotiations, passed a final version of the revisions.

Now, the updated version of Article 20 states that the Civil Code's adoption provisions will apply in cases where one party to the same sex union adopts the child of the other party, or where the couple jointly adopts a child.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said that with the amendments' passage, it would begin allowing same-sex couples to adopt based on the current standard procedures.

Good news from Taiwan!!!

Last year, a Taiwanese court allowed a married gay man 
to legally adopt his husband’s non-biological child

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