Saturday, May 6, 2023

Enough is enough, DeSantis!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ war on the LGBTQ community continued when the State Senate passed a broad bathroom bill, an expanded version of the existing “Don’t Say Gay” law in schools, and legislation allowing doctors and insurance companies to deny treatment to LGBTQ patients. 

The bathroom bill that passed the upper chamber stipulates that individuals must use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender assigned at birth and calls for separate men’s and women’s bathrooms in state and local government buildings. 

The “Don’t Say Gay” law, which previously barred public school classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity through third grade, was expanded to cover eighth grade under the new law.

As if those bills weren’t enough, Florida House Republicans also passed a bill barring colleges from using state or federal dollars for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The State Senate already approved the measure, which will also be delivered to the governor’s desk.

All bills have cleared both houses of the State Legislature, paving the way for the governor DeSantis to sign them into law.

President Biden, Floridian students and also Disney denounced and opposed to the DeSantis' policies against LGBTQ community. It is enough!!!

LGBTQ activists protest outside DeSantis' office 

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