Monday, July 31, 2023

Over 30,000 people participated in Bucharest Pride 2023


The Accept association organized Bucharest Pride 2023, an event of the Romanian LGBTQ community, and over 30,000 people participated in the march. The demonstrators demanded equal rights for all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation. 

Under the umbrella of "Visible love. Visible families", the event  this year focused on the feeling of family, as well as the right to have a family recognized and legally protected by the Romanian state, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity of the partners.

Every year, the LGBTQ community in Romania takes to the streets to celebrate their identity, to make their voice heard and to claim their right to a dignified life. This year, gay  people are invited to join the march accompanied by the people they love, to show the world the beauty of family diversity.

Bucharest Pride is an important occasion to stand up for LGBTQ rights and inclusion. Encourage the Romanian authorities to address any current legal gaps for the full realization of LGBTQ rights and push for the legalization of same-sex marriages and homosexual adoptions.

Dozens of embassies and diplomatic missions and international organizations placed in Bucharest also signed a statement supporting Pride 2023 and the LGBTQ community in Romania.

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