Sunday, July 16, 2023

Pride Barcelona 2023 with more 'Orgull' than ever

Barcelona Pride is an annual LGBTQ celebration held every summer in the Catalan city in Spain. Known as Pride! BCN, the event has been running since 2008.

With over 250,000 people attending each year, it’s the biggest pride celebration in the Mediterranean and one of the most popular in Europe. It’s supported by more than 300 volunteers who help make the event possible.

The festival program spans just over a week, from 3-16 July, and is made up of a mix of festive, social and cultural events, alongside protesting and campaigning activities. It is a family-friendly event, with activities for children too.

Its key aim is to promote respect for diversity, especially towards the gay community. It does this through culture, entertainment, protest and visibility.

Each year, the organisers choose a theme for the event. On the Pride Barcelona website, they say: “Every year we commit ourselves to a social cause to provide visibility, create awareness and generate dçbates”. The theme for 2023 is "The Pride of our lives", in Catalan "L'Orgull de les nostres vides".

Next 23 July will be general elections in Spain and most polls suggest that the right wing party Partido Popular is on track to win the election, but that it will need the support of the far right party Vox to govern. 

Human rights groups are warning voters across the country to heed the precedents being carved out in several regions in Spain where both parties already have regional governments and they are ruling against LGBTQ rights.

“For the first time in a very long time, we felt that Pride was not about demanding more rights,” said a LGBTQ activist. “Instead, it was about demanding that the rights we have not be taken away.”

Feliç Orgull Barcelona!!! Happy Pride Barcelona!!!

The rainbow flag is in the balcony of the Barcelona's town hall, 
despite the petition of far-right party Vox to be not

Hundreds of thousands gather in the streets for Pride in Barcelona
Each vote counts in the next elections in Spain

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