Friday, November 10, 2023

Vatican states that trans people can be baptised

The Vatican has released guidance that indicates that transgender people can be baptised, serve as godparent and witness weddings in the Roman Catholic church.

The document signed by Pope Francis and Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández was published on the Vatican's website.

The new guidance states that “a transgender person, even if they have undergone hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgery, can receive baptism under the same conditions as other faithful, if there are no situations in which there is a risk of generating a public scandal or disorientation among the faithful.”

Furthermore, a trans person “can be admitted to the role of godfather or godmother” and that “there is nothing” in canon law denying transgender people the right to act as a witness for a marriage ceremony. This includes people who are in a same-sex relationship.

During his papacy, Pope Francis has frequently expressed an interest in making the Catholic Church more welcoming to LGBTQ people, even though doctrines rejecting same-sex marriage and sexual activity remain firmly in place.

Check the guidance here.

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