Thursday, November 30, 2023

Russia outlaws LGBTQ activism


Russia's Supreme Court effectively outlawed LGBTQ activism, the most drastic step against advocates of gay, lesbian and transgender rights in the increasingly conservative country.

Ruling in response to a lawsuit filed by the Justice Ministry, the court labelled what the suit called the LGBTQ "movement" operating in Russia as an extremist organisation and banned it.

The ruling is the latest step in a decade-long crackdown on LGBTQ rights in Russia under President Vladimir Putin, who has emphazised "traditional family values" during his 24 years in power.

Multiple rights activists have noted the lawsuit was lodged against a movement that is not an official entity, and that under its broad and vague definition, Russian authorities could crack down on any individuals or groups deemed to be part of it.

With Putin, Russia is a very homophobic and transphobic place, especially given the 2013 law that bans so-called gay propaganda, really, any positive mention of LGBTQ identity. 

Putin also submitted a draft amendment to Russia’s constitution to enshrine marriage as between a man and a woman in a conservative update to the country’s founding document.

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