Saturday, November 4, 2023

Gay Games 2023 start in Hong Kong and Guadalajara

Hong Kong and the Mexican city of Guadalajara host the Gay Games 2023, a sporting and cultural event that takes place every four years. The event will take place until November 11.

The Gay Games stand as a beacon of inclusivity, setting forth progressive principles for mainstream sports to adopt. Their commitment to inclusivity manifests in various ways, participation is not limited to individuals within the LGBTQ community.

This year’s Gay Games, co-hosted by Mexico’s Guadalajara and Hong Kong, start today, with thousands of participants expected to attend the event from over 40 countries. Over 4,000 participants are expected to attend Guadalajara’s event, and around 2,300 participants in Asia. 

The opening ceremony for Asia's first Gay Games in Hong Kong has been held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. The ceremony included a march-in by participants, flag raising, and the lighting of the flame.  More than 2,300 athletes from 45 countries, including Britain, China, South Korea and the United States, are expected to participate.

"Not only have we been able to introduce the games to the region, we have the highest number of participants ever from Asia join the Gay Games in its 41-year history," Alan Lang, the body's co-chair, told 

Mexico’s Guadalajara event has full government support celebrated with a massive Pride parade. It is a great opportunity for social change towards the LGBTQ community in addition to generating jobs and growth opportunities for everyone.

Happy Games fellows!!!

Watch the opening ceremony below:


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