Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Shame on you, FIFA!!!

FIFA announced Saudi Arabia is set to host the men’s World Cup in 2034 after Australia declined to bid, leaving LGBTQ footy fans and human rights groups horrified.

Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia and is known the country is openly hostile to queer people. The death penalty remains on the penal code for same-sex activity. And dress code laws banning crossdressing make it illegal to be transgender.

Saudi Arabia also has an “appalling” human rights record, Amnesty International reports, including executions, abuse of activists, no freedom of speech and widespread discrimiantion against women and migrants.

The same happened last year when Qatar hosted the World Cup after FIFA designation. In that country, where run Sharia courts, homosexuality is an imprisonable offence, and it is technically possible that queer Muslim people could be handed a death sentence.

Once again, business and money are more important than human rights. Shame on you, FIFA!!!

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