Sunday, May 5, 2024

The first soccer team made up entirely by trans kids in Spain


A group of young transsexuals, all between 18 and 30 years old, decided to make visible a pioneering initiative in Barcelona (the second city in Spain): create a soccer team made up entirely of kids from the trans community.

The idea came from a young influencer with thousands of followers on social networks: Hugo Marlo. The contestant on Spanish talent shows La Voz, Got Talent and Euforia, who began his transition a few years ago, was the one who promoted the Fenix project, the name with which they baptized the soccer team.

Some of the Fenix FC players had to leave their previous clubs due to the process involved in aligning their gender identity with their sex. When the transition began, many had to leave. They could not continue in the same women's or men's teams.

Fenix FC is a home for all those kids who were expelled from their teams and fields. And for those who have never dared to play. But the dream of some players like Hugo is that Fenix did not have to exist. “Sport is very delimited into women's and men's, when there are people who don't even fit into these categories. Ideally, we could all be together, regardless of our gender. In the end we are just playing,” reflects Hugo, who is also the team captain.

The trans colors, pink, blue and white, are what the Fenix FC players wear every time they take the field. Wearing the colors of the trans flag was a bit worrying to some, due to the transphobia they feared encountering during games. But so far, they haven't had any problems.

With hardly any funds, only the support of their families, at first they had many difficulties being able to train and play, and have all the necessary equipment. But in 2023, the club Penya Recreativa de Sant Feliu opened the doors of its facilities to them, making their dream come true: playing soccer like the rest of kids.

Now, there are two teams, the first plays 11-a-side soccer, with the name of the club, and the second plays 7-a-side soccer as Fenix FC, and is the quarry for future first-team soccer players. They also have a fan base that accompanies them in every game.


Hugo, the promoter and captain of the team

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