Sunday, June 2, 2024

Over 150,000 celebrate Pride in South Korea despite prohibition


More than 150,000 South Koreans gathered in central Seoul for annual Pride celebrations, despite the event’s traditional venue being banned by authorities for the second consecutive yearfor the second consecutive year.

This year’s Pride Parade, marking its 25th anniversary and one of the largest in Asia, was denied permission to gather at the Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall, where the main festivities have traditionally been held.

Seoul’s conservative mayor Oh Se-hoon has said he “personally can’t agree with homosexuality,” and municipal authorities blamed a scheduling conflict and said the venue had already been reserved for an outdoor event themed around books.

Pride festivities instead took place in the streets in central Seoul, and areas surrounding city's major thoroughfares were packed with excited participants wearing rainbow-themed costumes and make-up, some blowing bubbles and many waving orange balloons.

In addition to the festival facing difficulties in securing venues, attempts to pass laws banning discrimination on the basis of sexuality have languished since around 2007, with lawmakers coming under pressure from conservative and religious organisations.

It's time South Korea!!!

Watch some Seoul Parade's scenes below:

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