Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Thailand legalizes marriage equality

Thailand’s Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill legalizing marriage equality, putting Thailand on the path to become the second country in Asia and the first in Southeastern Asia to legalize the practice.

The Thai Senate voted to pass this bill overwhelmingly, with 130 members voting for it, 4 voting against it, and 18 abstaining. The Thai House, which the bill passed through in April, voted similarly, with 400 members voting for it, 10 voting against it, and 5 abstaining.

The bill will also allow LGBTQ+ couples to adopt children together, though it does not use gender-neutral language for that provision. 

The bill still requires endorsement from the king before marriage equality can become reality in Thailand, but this process is considered a formality. The law will then come into effect 120 days after it is published in the royal gazette.

Thailand is projected to join Taiwan in legalizing marriage equality. 

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin celebrated the victory on X, writing, “I am proud of the collective effort of all stakeholders which reiterates the power of ‘unity in diversity’ of the Thai society.”


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