Sunday, February 7, 2021

President Biden calls for protecting LGBT rights globally in memo

President Joe Biden has signed a historic memorandum calling for the worldwide protection of LGBT rights. The memo was announced as Biden delivered his first major foreign policy speech during a visit to the State Department.

It’s the latest in a series of pro-LGBT orders from the Biden administration, including repealing the ban on trans people in the military and implementing the Supreme Court’s Bostock ruling against discrimination.

Biden alluded to the toxic Trump administration’s as he spoke of his intention to “repair our moral leadership”, issuing the presidential memo to “reinvigorate our leadership on the LGBT issues and do it internationally”.

“We’ll ensure diplomacy and foreign assistance are working to promote the rights of those individuals included by combatting criminalisation, and protecting the LGBT refugees and asylum seekers,” he vowed

It reflects Biden's deep commitment to LGBT issues in the United States and everywhere around the world.

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