Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How Spanish Men are Perceived

Not all Spanish men can dance flamenco, or like bullfighting, or only eat paella.

Inspired on Huffingtonpost, 12 stereotypes about the Spanish men that are DEFINITELY true:

1. Our English is pretty bad.

2. We like to drink.

3. We also love eating.

4. We are very family-oriented.

5. We have so many bars.

6. We cook well (very well).

7. We're very affectionate, even with new acquaintances.

8. We speak very loudly.

9. We are on a different schedule from the rest of Europe.

10. We're always late.

11. We love free stuff.

12. Soccer is EVERYTHING to us.

I can agree with all these characteristics, but I really miss one... we are always ready to make love.


  1. By Gay Benidorm:

    Thanks +Benja Aquila

  2. By roger silva:

    Siempre con uns pacotóns

  3. By ximo ferrer tena:

    Gràcies +Benja Aquila . Realment Spain no es paella, toros i folklore.