Thursday, October 2, 2014

Denmark, the First Country to Recognize Gay Unions 25 years ago

Denmark marks 25 years since becoming the first to legally recognize gay unions.
On 1 October, 1989 the first 11 Danish same-sex couples were wed through civil ceremonies at the Copenhagen Town Hall by the then deputy mayor of the city Tom Ahlberg. The same civil ceremony that was used for heterosexual couples to marry was used for gay couples.
Denmark’s move to recognize same-sex couples’ relationships inspired many LGBTI activists around the world to hope that one day their countries would do the same and there are now 19 countries where same-sex couples can marry and 9 which still have civil partnerships.
Denmark allowed full adoption rights for same-sex couples in 2010 and finally recognized same-sex couples with equal marriage in 2012, becoming the 11th country to do so.

Ivan Larsen and Oven Carlsen
one of the first danish gay couples to wed in 1989