Sunday, March 15, 2020

No way! Covid-19 is not a God's punishment for gay people!

Rather than wash their hands or stockpile toilet roll, some conservative religious figures have adopted a different strategy to deal with coronavirus: blame the LGBT community.

Last week, an Orthodox rabbi in Israel and an American pastor both claimed that coronavirus was divine punishment for allowing LGBT people to exist.

Rabbi Meir Mazuz claimed over the weekend that Covid-19 was retribution for nations that allow LGBT Pride parades. As evidence of his claims, Mazuz said that nations are being afflicted with coronavirus for supporting LGBTQ equality, “except for the Arab countries that don’t have this evil inclination.”

That statement is false, the World Health Organization currently reports confirmed cases of coronavirus across the Middle East. Iran in particular has seen one of the worst outbreaks of the virus.

Also Christian pastor Steven Andrew who declared March to be LGBT Sin Month has suggested that coronavirus is God trying to destroy LGBT societies. He said: “Our safety is at stake, since national disobedience of God’s laws brings danger and diseases, such as coronavirus, but obeying God brings covenant protection. God protects the USA from danger as the country repents of LGBT, false gods, abortion and other sins.”

Mazuz and Anderson aren’t the first religious conservatives to try to connect LGBT people to coronavirus. In January, Rick Wiles, a right-wing pastor and broadcaster who was granted press credentials by the White House, claimed that coronavirus was sent by God to “purge” LGBT people.

In front of these lies and hate speeches, the health authorities currently recommends: avoid close contact with people who are sick; cover your cough or sneeze with a fixed elbow or tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces; and wash your hands frequently with hot water and soap for 20 seconds.

Be safe folks and stay at home!


  1. "Rabbi" Mazuz is in no way representative of the vast majority of people who consider themselves believers in various Jewish denominations. He represents a hateful splinter version of Judaism similar to the Westboro Baptist Church - or the more intolerant versions of Islam. He, frankly, is an evil and twisted moron who needs to learn to keep his mouth shut before he makes statements which bring ill repute on himself and his community of followers for which he is a major embarrassment.

  2. I am totally agree Eddi, they donot represent countries neither religions, they only represent hatred and the worst of human beings.