Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A gay Premier League footballer declares being so frightened of coming out


A gay Premier League footballer has had therapy because he is so frightened of coming out. The ace revealed he has sought professional psychological help amid fears of how rival fans will react.

The star admitted he is riddled with doubt, saying: “When I play, I feel like the fans may guess and they are judging me. Am I coming across as camp? Can they tell from the clothes I wear off the pitch? It has had a terrible effect on me mentally. It’s terrifying.”

He said: “It’s 2021 and I should be able to be free to tell everyone who I am. But there are some fans on the terraces for whom it is still very much the 1980s. I want to be open with people because it’s who I am and I am proud. But the truth is I will be crucified.”

There are no openly gay footballers in any of the major leagues in Europe, an anomaly considering the increasing number of professional athletes that come out of the closet in recent years, we all may be wondering why they take so long.

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