Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pride for everyone

Alba Reyes is the mother of Sergio, a Colombian gay who took his own life after being bullied in school in 2014.

Reyes was shocked to discover that her son was being bullied, by the students but also by the teachers: "I’ve now found out that they used to take him out of class every day to go to psychotherapy and discuss his sexual orientation".

"That’s when I understood that it’s my responsibility as a mother to make sure what happened to Sergio never happens again", she says in the video.

Reyes created the Sergio Urrego Foundation to help combat LGBT bullying in schools and prevent more kids taking their own lives.

As part of a campaign with Google, Reyes visits schools in Bogota to bring them a virtual pride parade.

The initiative gives students the chance to experience a pride parade they might otherwise never see in real life, all in the classroom.

Watch the video below:

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