Friday, October 4, 2013

Interesting Video Survey...

A few weeks ago, vlogger Mark Miller published a video survey asking girls if they considered him as gay. He got a very interesting answers and reactions.

Now, Mark has just published a new video survey asking guys about the same question. The men's answers and reactions are really cool.

I know they aren't scientific surveys but I've liked the approach, and the respondents' naturalness and their open mind.

Great job Mark!

Asking girls...

Asking guys...


  1. By Robbins Bennett:

    I would say he looks good for both sexes. BUT I would rather have him for my own.

  2. By joseph spatazza:

    What attitudes are changing as beautiful story

  3. What is interesting is that his video was shot at Ball State University Muncie, Indiana. which is in a fairly conservative part of the USA. Just about everyone he speaks to really could not care less. It goes to show how much attitudes are changing. BTW Ball State has one of the best virtual reality departments in the world, go check out to see what they are doing.

  4. By CorporalBruno:

    Awesome man. Glad you are out there showing the world our generation is more accepting and less judgmental. Keep up the great work man.