Thursday, September 3, 2020

Same-sex couples can finally marry in a church in Northern Ireland


The first same-sex religious marriages can be arranged in Northern Ireland from 1 September. It follows legislation introduced by the Northern Ireland Office in July.

Same-sex marriage has been legally recognised in Northern Ireland since January but did not extend to ceremonies in churches or to religious bodies. There are exemptions and protections for religious bodies that do not wish to conduct same-sex marriages.

Couples can give their 28 days' notice of intent to have a religious service from 1 September, which means the first ceremonies could take place on 29 September.

Same-sex marriage campaigners have welcomed the move, but are now urging the government to make marriage fully equal by allowing same-sex couples with an existing civil partnership to be able to convert their partnership into a marriage.

The House of Commons backed same-sex marriage for Northern Ireland

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