Monday, November 10, 2014

Two women marry in Russia despite ban

Two women have managed to register the Russia's first same-sex marriage.
The two brides Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova were able to get married because Shumilova is a trans woman currently undergoing hormone therapy and her passport still lists her as male.
The Family Code of Russia states that marriage is "a voluntary consent of a man and a woman", but the couple found a loophole in the law.
Despite the fact she lives her life as a woman, she and brunette Alyona have been able to register their marriage without violating laws due to the biological discrepency. The registrar either had to recognize her gender or marry the two women.
Поздравляю двух невест!

The happy couple achieved their dream

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  1. By David Mondelice:

    Good for them! Goddess bless them!