Thursday, December 17, 2015

The South Africa's sexiest man 2015 by gay community

Afrikaans singer Brendan Peyper is the winner of this year’s Sexiest Man Survey‚ receiving the lion’s share of the almost 6‚000 votes cast on South Africa’s leading gay news website

He beat out 12 other gay-friendly home-grown male celebrity finalists‚ including actors‚ singers‚ dancers and TV celebs‚ who have been competing for the fun title since the start of October.

“I’ve never been nominated for something like this before‚” told Peyper to Mambaonline in an exclusive interview. “It’s a whole new thing for me. I feel very good and appreciate everyone who voted”, he added.

He went on to talk about having to choose between rugby and music‚ homophobia on the sports field and how he was bullied in primary school for not being the typical jock.

“The guys in the rugby team never gave me a chance and never wanted me in the team. They thought I was gay. I was bullied a lot about my music. But I believe that the best revenge is success”, Peyper said.

A cute and talented guy, isn't he?


  1. He can sing in English as well as Afrikaans! You can more of see his amazing cheekbones and facial structure, and here him sing in English here:

  2. By William Hoover:

    Damn sexy man in any country!!!!+1. Thanks Benja

  3. yeah... you are right +williamhoover

  4. By William Hoover:

    Have been wanting to tell you how much i enjoy your posts Benja.

  5. his vocals are fantastic and being so hot only makes him more exciting the one where he takes his t shirt off and the one where he is wearing shorts drove me insane so glad i ran into his page