Monday, December 26, 2022

A whiskey commercial about trans acceptance becomes viral

Spanish company J&B Scotch Whiskey released their holiday commercial and it's a surprisingly moving storyline about the acceptance of a transgender family member. 

The three-minute commercial opens with a grandfather stealing his wife's lipstick to secretly apply it on himself in the bathroom. He slowly begins experimenting with makeup, buying eye shadow at the grocery store and taking brow tips from bus billboards until he's happy with his own look. He continues to hide it from his family. 

When his extended family arrives on a holiday, we meet Álvaro, the man's visibly uncomfortable 26-year-old grandchild. The grandfather pulls them into the bathroom and applies all of the makeup tricks he's learned on Álvaro and they look absolutely beautiful as the two gaze into the mirror together. The grandfather then reintroduces their grandchild to the family as Ana. In the end, the family toasts over some whiskey. "Magic is not only at Christmas," the screen reads in Spanish. "It is also in us."

The commercial has over 2,5 million views on YouTube. The official description shares the hope from J&B Spain that the commercial can help "us reflect, so that on these dates there can always be room at the table for acceptance, respect and, above all, celebration."

Watch the commercial below:

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