Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kenya Group of Pastors Support LGBT People

A group of pastors from different denominations in Kenya have launched a movement to champion gay rights. The pastors ask everybody to accept and support gay people in Kenia.

Reverend Michael Kimindu is the president of the Kenya chapter of United Coalition of Affirming Africans, and he vowed this new group of over 50 pastors would fight for gay rights. 

Kimindu said: "Some religious leaders have gone against God’s love by condemning gays". And he added: "We will mobilize church leaders to accept the idea and condemn those who say homosexuals are outcasts".

Remember that gay male sex is still criminalized in Kenya (punishable by 14 to 21 years in prison), and LGBT people face police harassment, attacks and persecution.

Welcome the initiative!

Rev. Michael Kimindu, 
pro-LGBT Anglican priest in Nairobi

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