Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One Year of Blogging!

I've started this blog just one year ago. Wow!

After 12 months, I can only say THANKS to friends and followers. 

Especially thanks to Ryce, for his continuously help and support.

THANKS to everybody!!!!

First Year Blogiversary!!!!


  1. Ryce asked me to post this for him: "Benja I am so proud of you - over 124,000 page views in only one year! And so many people love reading your blog! I can think of at least two things you are the best at and one of them is blogging!". Benja, let me ask you. Do you know what Ryce is talking about?

  2. Of course I know it! He has a power on me, since first second I saw him! Thanks!!!

  3. Belated congratulations buddy, I am so sorry I missed the day itself but my first life and my SecondLife are going through a busy period!

    May you have many more wonderful years of blogging before you, and as Eddi points out, to get close to 125.000 hits in your first year is an astounding achievement indeed! Keep up the good work!

  4. By Carl:

    Happy First year of your blog.

  5. Thanks Bock and Carl, I love your blogs too!