Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Russian gay activist runs for the State Parliament

Bulat Barantayev is aiming to represent Novosibirsk for the socially liberal Parnas coalition party. He’s also one of the first openly gay men to run for the State Duma in modern Russian history.

The Duma elections will take place on September 28th.

Bulat said: "For a long time now, I have used all opportunities to cultivate an audience for accepting LGBTI people". And he added: "By my example, I show that gays in Russia can create their own successful businesses, can meet with people, can have children, and can even run for the State Duma".

"The LGBT community gets new resources to defend itself and the party should get some new voters…. I decided to run because the ruling party has adopted an extreme homophobic position. The authorities are facilitating a homophobic discourse in society that is inciting hate crimes", he told.

Baranteyev has been attacked since entering activism and public service.

Report says the situation of LGBT people in Russia worsens.

Good luck Bulat!