Thursday, February 9, 2017

Berlin could have its first LGBT school

Schwulenberatung, a gay organisation in Germany, wants to build the first LGBT school in Berlin.

Negotiations are currently being held with landlords in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. A decision is expected to be made this spring.

The ambitious project is part of a real estate development. Schwulenberatung plans to build 60 apartments of different sizes in the centre of Schöneberg. 35 apartments would be for elderly LGBT, and the remaining 25 would be for lesbians, trans and intersex people.

The complex would also be a mixed-use building, providing a school, two nursing homes, restaurant, offices and a community centre.

Marcel de Groot, CEO of Schwulenberatung, said: “We want to provide an appropriate space for children of queer families as well as parents whose children need to be familiar with a very diverse lifestyle at an early age.”

This is a very interesting project and maybe a solution in the short term, but I am not sure if segregating LGBT children in their schools themselves is the best choice to make a more inclusive society.


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