Thursday, February 2, 2017

Help Equality Campaign in Australia

Thousands of LGBT Australians provide essential care giving services for a living. But while these nurses, doctors, lifesaver, firefighters and soldiers often have your life in their hands, they cannot take the hand in marriage of the most important person in their life.

A new advertising blitz from the Equality Campaign hopes to address this inequality and plans to highlight the significance of this fact by featuring real-life LGBT Australians who care for a living but who can’t marry the person they love.

The campaign’s core message is one of fairness and equality: LGBT Aussies are doing their jobs across the country, now it’s time for politicians to do theirs.

The campaign continues the group's efforts to highlight the notion that marraige equality is achiveable this term with the help of 'All of Us'. It highlights the power of personal stories and conversations as having the power to change hearts and minds.

If you want to help make marriage equality a reality, you can donate to the campaign here.


  1. By Trashlord Unikitten “Large Baguette”:

    Also c'mon Queensland let same sex couples adopt 

  2. By Trashlord Unikitten “Large Baguette”:

    Nah just Queensland
    The rest allow same sex couples to adopt