Thursday, November 29, 2018

The first publicly funded retirement home for LGBT people is to open in Spain

Spain is to open the world’s first LGBT retirement home funded with public money, after getting the green light from Madrid’s regional government.

According to Federico Armenteros, president of the Fundacion 26 de Diciembre, which will run the residence, it will become the first retirement home in the world to be opened using 100 percent public funds. It is set to open on December 26.

The home will consist of a four-storey building in the Villaverde neighbourhood of Madrid and will house 66 LGBT seniors as well as a day centre for 30 more. The project is expected to create 40 jobs.

Federico said: “We had to do something so that these people could live their last moments with the most dignity possible.” And he added: “A residence that will welcome people who don’t have many financial resources, to care for these people whose only other option is to die in the street, or alone at home.”

The residence will be managed by Federico’s foundation, whose name serves as a reminder of the Spanish LGBT community’s particularly difficult history of fighting for equal rights.

The foundation currently runs a day centre that caters to the needs of the elder LGBT community. It provides a regular lunch club, activities such as swimming and hiking trips, as well as therapy and healthcare.

Watch a video below:


  1. What is a "retirement home" in terms of age requirements? Is there a minimum age required for admission? In the USA, many seniors now need to work part-time well past 65 years of age to make ends meet since social security and pension payments can no longer pay for a decent standard of living. The concept of a "retirement" is something that the baby boomer generation (born 1945 - 1964) is something that is quickly disappearing.

  2. In Spain the retirement age is 65 years. Those interested must go to the Community of Madrid and sign up for the application.