Saturday, October 10, 2020

World Rugby bans trans women from playing at elite women’s level

World Rugby has announced transgender women cannot compete at the elite and international level of the women's game, becoming the first international sports federation to implement the rule. 

The announcement comes after "a comprehensive, collaborative and inclusive review of its existing guidance" and their decision that transgender women can't play contact rugby at a high level was based"on safety grounds". 

A report published by World Rugby earlier in the years said there was a "20-30 percent greater risk" of injury if a female player was tackled by someone who had gone through male puberty. Instead, transgender men remain permitted to play men's contact rugby.

National unions still have the flexibility to allow transgender women to play in women’s rugby at community level. Individual rugby unions across the world determine their own policies on trans inclusion at a domestic level, and in recent weeks the Canadian, US and Australian Rugby Unions have come out strongly in support of trans inclusion.

Deeply disappointed!

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