Friday, October 30, 2020

Quarter of LGBT people in Japan have been outed


One in four LGBT people in Japan have experienced outing, or had their sexual orientation or gender identity disclosed to others without their consent, an online survey has showed.

The survey shows about two-thirds of the 10,769 respondents in their teens through their 70s felt that society was more “respectful” towards LGBT people than five years ago. In particular, 67 per cent of respondents said that “compared with five years ago, diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity is better recognised by society”.

However, nearly eight in 10 of those who were employed said they have heard anti-LGBT words. Concretely, of the 8,690 respondents with jobs, 79 per cent said they “have heard discriminatory speech about sexual minorities at work or school.”

The survey also found 25 per cent of respondents said they had been outed, with transgender men reporting the most such cases almost at 54 per cent. 

Japan’s LGBT population has campaigned for greater recognition from the government in recent years. Thirteen same-sex couples filed suits last year accusing Tokyo of discrimination for failing to recognise their unions.

While Japan does not recognise same-sex marriage although a majority of Japanese show their support, a number of municipalities issue partnership certificates for LGBT couples. And a law enacted in June also requires firms to take measures against abuse of power, which includes outings and insults of sexual and gender minority people in its government guidelines.

It's time to come out, Japan!

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  1. Japan is a very strange place. When my close friend (an American California lawyer) tried to rent an apartment in Tokyo for his new job, he kept on showing up with his broker at upscale apartments in Tokyo only to be told the apartment was "not available". Only about 10% of apartments will rent to non-Japanese people. It is blatant racism, my friend spoke fluent Japanese but was caucasian. The thing is they will not tell you or your broker beforehand since they do not like to be direct, and there are no "lists". There are certain areas but they are not convenient to where he was working. I know on the gay scene there are gay clubs which are closed to Japanese people and some which are open to non-Japanese, they reportedly love blonde boys in these places. I btw have spent quite a bit of time working there on computer consulting, the main thing I disliked about Japan are the low ceilings -- I kept on banging my head on concrete pillars in the subways since I am over six feet tall.

  2. Thanks for your comment Eddi!!! :x