Monday, October 12, 2020

LGBT equality is on the ballot, former Democratic candidate Buttigieg says


Pete Buttigieg, former Democratic candidate who dropped out of the presidential race in March 2020, has warned LGBT equality is on the ballot ahead of the US election.

Taking to Twitter, as various US states approach/pass voter registration deadlines, Buttigieg reminded followers: "We need to be clear with anyone who considers themselves an ally: LGBTQ+ equality is on the ballot."

The politician also marked National Coming Out Day with a series of tweets, saying: "While every struggle is different, every struggle is connected. So whether you've been out for decades, today is your day, or you're still not ready - know that there is a big, diverse community where you belong."

He added: "Coming out means being vulnerable, and placing your trust in another person. I know the courage it takes, and I'm humbled by that trust anytime someone shares with me - sometimes as soon as we meet - that they are in the process of coming out as LGBTQ+."

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