Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Historical agreement to stamp out homophobia in rugby

World Rugby and International Gay Rugby have signed an historic pledge to work together to eradicate homophobia in rugby.
As part of the agreement, they pledged to recognise and respect the right of any player, official and spectator to be involved with rugby without discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or identification, as well as the the common goal of inclusion and the elimination of homophobia in rugby.
The two organisations will consult on issues of importance to members of the LGBT community and the game of rugby through developing a positive and mutually beneficial relationship, based on a sense of shared purpose and working with regional associations and member unions, to improve tolerance and acceptance of LGBT players at all levels within rugby union.
They will also providing educational tools to member unions to support in the elimination of homophobia in rugby through supporting the promotion and development of progay events.

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