Thursday, March 12, 2015

King's College London Rugby Team strip off for LGBT domestic violence charity


The rugby squad teamed up with the student newspaper Roar News, to shoot the calendar.
The first team post naked at several locations at the London campus. All the photographs were shot at various locations at the university’s flagship campus on the Strand.
Proceeds from the calendar will go to Broken Rainbow, a domestic violence charity for the LGBT communities. The charity helps over 5,000 people per year.
Team's head, Barney Lynock, said: "It is the greatest passion of so many people across the world, and yet issues of exclusivity continue to cast a heavy shadow over sport, be they related to gender, race or sexual orientation. It is a problem that cuts across all levels of sport, from the professional to the amateur".
"We must endeavor to bring attention to these issues of exclusivity so as to ensure fairer, more ethical and more equal sporting opportunities for all; it is with this in mind that we have chosen to demonstrate our solidarity with the LGBT cause", he added.
Buy the calendar here.

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