Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Angela Merkel: Gay couples should not be allowed to call their unions ‘marriage’

German chancellor Angela Merkel has said while same-sex couples should get marital benefits, a civil partnership should not be called marriage.
Merkel said she didn’t oppose gay marriage, but would want it to be called something else.
"For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together. That is my concept, but I support civil partnerships", she declared.
Excuse me, but I can't understand how you can marry someone and not to call it marriage.
In any case, the Bundesrat (Germany’s Federal Assembly) recently urged the government to make necessary constitutional changes to open marriage to gay couples.
It's time Ms. Merkel!

It's time Germany!


  1. By Adrian Lucian Lozano:

    And with face of yours you shouldn't be out publicly ... EVER!

  2. By Stephan Götz:

    Yeah, right. And not telling the truth during an election campaign should not be called a lie. And yet it is just that! People saying things like Mrs Merkel did, should not be called just stupid. And yet... Hopefully the name of a longlife partnership between two consenting adults - no matter the gender - is her biggest problem at the moment. Then I will lay back and not worry about Greece, World Peace or anything of those unimportant issues.

  3. By Matthew Eades:

    Wow. Just goes to show that not even Europe is fully there yet (though it's come farther than most).

  4. By David Feeley:

    And girlfriend, you need a chin

  5. By colin Johnson:

    Then neither should straight couples

  6. By Luis Lopez:

    That's an ugly remark

  7. by Neal Draper:

    And I don't think she should be allowed to speak In public!

  8. By Jason Bailey:

    Enough of her! She has to go!