Monday, July 6, 2015

Help Rainbow Flag to be an Emoji

The Unicode Consortium is discussing adding an LGBTI Rainbow flag to the emoji language, after the amendment in America which allows samesex couples to marry

Ken Whistler, technical director at Unicode, said: "The claim that Twitter is including a rainbow flag would be taken into consideration by the Emoji Subcommittee and is a strong factor in favor of additions".

But the new flag would belong to a community, not a nation, and it could create a slippery slope: "Because it would not be part of any sort of structured extension to the geopolitical-entity encoding mechanism […] it would provide no orderly path to encoding additional, similar flags for other social groups or causes", said Mark Davis, co-author of Unicode Standard.

In any case, you can let Unicode know you want the rainbow flag emoji by emailing them here.

We can do it together