Friday, June 12, 2015

Germany´s big step to legalize gay marriage

The German coalition government is facing increasing pressure from within to grant same-sex couples full marriage equality.

Today the Bundesrat, Germany’s Federal Assembly subordinate to the Bundestag (the parliament), urged the government to make necessary constitutional changes to open marriage to gay and lesbian couples.

In its resolution, titled "Marriage for everyone, resolution for full equality of same-sex couples", the assembly proposes changing the German Civil Code to include marriage equality; the proposed changes to the Civil Code would also grant same-sex couples equal adoption rights.

The assembly approved the resolution with 40 – 29 votes, due to the higher number of states governed by Labor, Greens or Left coalitions.

Although the German government is obliged to react to a resolution, it does not bind them.

In any case, one important step to same-sex marriage.

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  1. By Mikkel Denson “Denmark”:


  2. By Chris Huebsch:

    They already did the same about two years ago. Nothing happened.

    The german labour party even went into last preelection with the promise of 100% equality. Now they are in a coalition with the conservatives and do no longer want to remember...

    The funny thing: That is the same party that has majority in bundesrat and promoted that resolution there.

  3. By Wayne Ferrier:

    Make gay the legal choice.