Saturday, November 14, 2015

400,000 THANKS!!!!

Today, my blog has just reached 400,000 pageviews and over 3,000 followers.

But the most incredible number is the views of my Google+ page: more than 11,300,000 views.
I didn't expect these numbers and I can only say: THANKS everybody, for your suport, suggests and comments.
Of course THANKS Mr. Haskell for always being by my side.
400,000 kisses!!!!

There is still some cake!


  1. By ximo ferrer tena:

    :):):) Felicitats, estimat !!!

  2. Congrats. You do have a very nice4 and informative blog. I read it every day. Good work.

  3. Thanks +carl I really apreciate your support a big kiss my friend!

  4. Congrats Benja! I am posting this late :( but 400,000 is a major milestone! 500,000 will be a huge party though!

  5. Thanks Eddi, you are my inspiration!


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