Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Confirmed: Iceman is Gay

A significant chapter in the history of Marvel’s X-Men comes to a close with the release of Uncanny X-Men #600. 

The issue marks the end of writer Brian Michael Bedis’s epic saga, which features young versions of the original five X-Men (Iceman, Cyclops, Beast, Angel and Jean Grey) displaced in time and fighting the never-ending battle in present day. 

In an interesting twist on the history of Marvel’s mutants, young Iceman came out as gay in April’s All-New X-Men #40, raising questions about his older self who presents as heterosexual in the current timeline.

In the page exclusive preview of Uncanny X-Men #600 below, young Drake confronts his older self about his sexuality, and the truth behind which way the original Iceman swings is finally revealed.  

"I´m gay... so that means you are too", young Iceman says to his older self.

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I think I prefer the "real" Iceman... right? 

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