Thursday, August 18, 2016

Italian Olympic swimmer dedicated medal to her girlfried

Olympic swimmer Rachele Bruni has won silver in the 10km marathon, and she decided to come out by dedicating the medal to her supportive girlfriend.

"I dedicate his victory to my family, my coach and my beloved, who have followed and supported me", Rachele said.

When people questioned who her beloved was, Rachele spoke to reporters that it was indeed in reference to her girlfriend, Diletta Faina, who had accompanied her to Rio.

"I've never done a big coming out. Undoubtedly there are people who have too many prejudices, but I live peacefully. I do not think about the prejudices, I live for myself, for my passion for swimming and for the people who love me", she added.

This is the swimmer's first Olympic medal, and she is the only out LGBT Olympian in Italy.


Rachele (right) with her girlfriend Diletta

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